About me:
I'm a small artist who practices everyday to achieve my goal of working as a full-time artist. I do commissions to share my efforts with those who support me!

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doodles cost $5 USD each! (+$2 for each extra character)
(can do solid color background or transparent background)


100x100 animated pixel icons are $15 USD
( these are experimental so the quality/movements will vary from icon to icon)



$65 per piece
(not including background price)
I can do dynamic or static poses, based on your preference.
these are fullbody shots of your character


$50 per piece
(not including background price)
these are waist up shots of your character


$35 per peicethese are headshots, artwork from the neck up (sometimes includes the shoulders and/or hand(s) if requested)


background work +$35 to waist up/fullbody commissions. these are examples of my background efforts



(copy and paste this form into an email, fill it out, and send it to [email protected])
I only accept paypal


Commission type: (fullbody/headshot/doodle/etc.)
Details about your character if you would like me to know:
Pose/Expression: (leave blank if you'd like me to choose)
Background (Y/N): (if yes, describe or show references of what background you would like)
Paypal email:


you can always add more context to the form if you need to, the above form is just bare bones of what I'd like to see; also if you have specific dimensions you'd like your art to be, let me know.
THE PROCESS: I start by sending you an estimate, after you confirm the price, I will send a request to your paypal for payment. After payment is received, I will send you a sketch and once the sketch is approved I finish my work.
by sending me this form, you agree to the terms of service, which can be read under the t.o.s. button

My contacts are listed below:

Twitter: miskit
Instagram: expyres
Discord: miskit#4306
Email: [email protected]
Ko-fi: miskit
(If you'd like to show some extra support, you can leave a little tip at my Ko-fi, I'd be very stoked about it)

🢃 (links below) 🢃


•You may post the art you receive anywhere you'd like as long as it credits back to me and you are not selling it as a profit.
•You can edit and crop the art I make for you, as long as I'm credited for the piece.
•art that I make may or may not end up being posted on my social media or even be used as examples on my art page (they will be heavily obscured by watermarks and be posted at low quality so that art theft cannot occur)
•If you would like me to edit details of your commission after a long period of time, message me and I will do it for free, but they must be small details and it must be no longer than a year after I drew it (I delete files after that period)
(I will edit colors, markings, and small objects/features)
[non-applicable to pixel GIFs]
•REFUNDS: I am willing to work out refunds if I have not completed your work yet. But the amount you get back depends on how far along I am with your piece.
NOT STARTED: full refund
SKETCH STARTED: 80% refund
painting/lining started: 40% refund
painting/coloring completed/almost completed: no refund

you will get the portions that you paid for if refunded.
If you commission me to merely sell my art as an NFT, I automatically claim rights to your character and will give it away in a raffle along with the piece you commissioned. I don't support NFTs and I never will. (If you don't support NFTs or don't know what they are, you're safe from this, I do not want to be malicious. NFTs are harmful scams)